Since 1984, ATC Tech Solutions (ATC) has been a telecommunications leader. Building on a diverse history in the industry, the company is dedicated to providing the highest quality voice, data, wireless, and cabling technicians for customers with business needs nationwide.

Whether you need service for one site or thousands of sites across the US, ATC Tech Solutions has the technology, skills, network and expertise to meet your needs. With 95% coverage in North America, we have the right technician to meet your timeline and budget.

ATC Customers Benefit From:

  • A network and staff that successfully manage small and large projects
  • A network of more than 750 technicians in North America
  • More than 30 years of combined telecommunications and data experience
  • Competitive rates
  • 24/7 nationwide service and support
  • 24/7 nationwide emergency dispatch
  • Quality service guaranteed

We are an Allen Tel Certified Installer. Click here to view Certificate.

Executive Bios

  • Scott Smith

    Scott Smith is one of ATC’s five members along with being one of the original founders of the company.  Scott attended The Pennsylvania State University as an English Major with a writing emphasis. He used that education to later obtain his paralegal certificate. After his role as lead paralegal for several of the most prestigious law firms in the City of Philadelphia, while working nights and weekends to help develop ATC, Scott left the legal field in 2011 to focus solely on ATC.

    Scott currently holds dual titles at ATC. He is the Vice President of Business Development in which he works with our Director of Partner Services to form new partnerships with companies that can utilize ATC’s project management services to streamline their businesses. In addition, Scott is the Director of Project Management where he heads a team of project managers to ensure our customer’s project and roll out work is completed with the level of satisfaction that is required.

  • Leslie Carlin

    Leslie Carlin is a one of ATC’s five members.  After obtaining her degree from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Leslie worked as a Choreographer and Director for multiple top dance organizations across the country.  Starting in 2008, Leslie joined ATC as the head of our Accounting Department, handling both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.   As the company continued to grow, so did Leslie’s role with the company.  Leslie currently oversees all financial aspects of ATC as the Director of Finance.

    Leslie continues to hold this position for ATC, and has also become our Vice President of Business Operations.  In this roll, she works to ensure all insurances, legal contracts, human resources and finances are up to date and meet the necessary standards and requirements.  Her natural ability to lead our teams has now made her responsible for the daily management of our corporate headquarters and human resources.

  • Christine Smith

    Christine Smith is one of ATC’s five members along with being one of the original founders of the company.  Christine attended Moore College of Design in Philadelphia after graduating high school.  In 1991, she opened her first business, a café that she owned and operated for several years until she sold the business and moved into project management.  After working for several corporations as a project manager in industries such as telecommunications, non-profits, and financial institutions, Christine moved into consulting for some of the largest banks in the country where she managed new credit card roll outs from inception to mailing.

    Her love of project management and consulting led her to start a business with the other founders of ATC, where she could put these skills to use.  Christine has played an essential role in the growth of ATC, and is currently our Vice President of Field Operations, overseeing our service partners in the field and ensuring our customers are satisfied with the work that is being completed and the professionalism of our partners.

  • William (Michael) Ferrelli

    William (Michael) Ferrelli is one of ATC’s five members along with being one of the original founders of the company.  Michael attended St. Joseph’s University after graduating high school.  Following college, Michael joined forces with the other founders to form ATC.  Michael’s main focus has been on building solid relationships with our service providers and clients. His team building experience in college has helped make our service partners feel confident in what we can team up to offer our clients.

    Michael has been with ATC since the beginning and is one of the bedrocks of our company.  His forward thinking and vision have been instrumental in the progression of our business growth.   Michael is currently our Vice President of Daily Operations, using his leadership skills to manage the ATC staff and the distribution of our client’s needs to our service team.

  • William (Bill) Ferrelli

    William (Bill) Ferrelli is one of ATC’s five members along with being one of the original founders of the company.  Bill is the senior member of ATC, and has a long history of successful businesses over the past 40 years.  Each business had a tie to telecommunications, beginning many years ago with coin-operated pay phones, then to “collect-call” phone systems in over 20 correctional facilities nationally, to pre-paid phone service in low income areas.  Working with the other ATC founders for several years, ATC has grown into our current, project management business model.  Bill has a true talent for remaining in the forefront of telecommunications as the technology is constantly evolving.

    Bill has worked daily to help lead ATC to where we are today.  His current title is Senior Executive Director, and he oversees all aspects of ATC’s day to day business and development.

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