New Construction

Construction projects require careful coordination. With ATC Tech Solutions leading your construction project’s low voltage needs, you ensure that you have the right expertise on the job, and that the project will be completed on time and to your expectations.

From end-to-end accountability of the entire project’s voice and data requirements, to one-off project management, ATC can lead:

  • Cable installation
  • Phone system set-up
  • Data network set-up
  • Activation and testing
  • Training for on-site staff

ATC will coordinate with construction and real estate departments, IT construction liaisons, facility managers, on-site general contractors and crews, and special project coordinators to meet budget and scheduling benchmarks.

Whether it’s a large, single location construction project or the launch of multiple new sites, ATC puts the right talent on the job, when and where you need it.

We Offer Nationwide

Voice & Data Solutions

ATC Tech Solutions is a leading telecom construction company, offering installation services to all US cities, including Philadelphia, New York City, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and beyond.

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